Zip Taps

Get boiling and chilled filtered water instantly straight from your tap!

Cleverly and stylishly designed these taps allow you to make hot drinks straight from the tap instantaneously, saving time and money on boiling a kettle or alternatively get great tasting chilled still filtered water. The best of both worlds! Simple to use and taking up little space whilst using less energy, it’s perfect solution for many offices, homes or well many different locations.

VIVREAU Vi Tap Dispenser

Vi TAP Planet friendly still, sparkling and boiling water at the touch of a button. Utilising the very latest advances in touch control technology, the new VIVREAU Vi Tap beverage system incorporates a contemporary style touch-pad user interface. It’s not only simple to use but looks great too. The Vi Tap system simply connects to an existing plumbed water source and utilises an advanced micro-filtration process before dispensing either boiling, still or sparkling chilled water at the touch of a button.

Billi Eco

Instant boiled and chilled water filter. Smart and safe the Billi Eco provides a convenient instant chilled and boiled water solution, perfect for numerous locations where space can but you need a neat integrated solution. Kitchens or counter tops where there is access to plumbed water sources are perfect. Why boil a kettle or get a dedicated water cooler when you can have a neat solution all in one. Superior water insulation and unique Eco-Intelligence™ ensures that the Billi Eco is a cost effective solution. Its self-learning timer allows the unit to stand-by at times traditionally there is no use and adapt seamlessly on demand. With 4 tap options from stainless steel to black and with manual and digital push button tap options its truly modern and convenient.

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