Water Coolers

We all know that keeping hydrated is good for body and mind. A simple water cooler could be all you need or something with a wider offering. Whatever the location you have a need for, be it a school, hospital, office or factory there’s a modern and simple to use water cooler solution for you.

We have a range of bottle fed or increasingly popular Point Of Use (POU) plumbed in water coolers. Chilled, ambient and hot water choices are all available throughout the range as well as the option of sparkling water with some of the more bespoke models.

Borg & Overstrom B2

Firmly established as a market favourite throughout offices, factories and even Formula One™ teams, the Borg and Overström Classic water coolers offers bottle fed and point-of-use (P.O.U) options. The Classic water cooler uses technology that’s both cost-effective and great looking. Boasting a choice of water options (P.O.U or bottled), as well as floor-standing or counter-top versions, the Classic makes for a great watercooler choice.

Borg & Overstrom B3

Refined styling and simple touch panel dispensing the Borg & Overstrom Elite is a great water cooler and perfect for a modern location. Choice of bottle or POU dispensing with the added option of carbonated water. Provided with an integral cup dispenser this water cooler really is a simple and efficient machine for the modern work place. Direct chill, ambient, hot water and even carbonated water are some of the choices available with this class leading water cooler. Available as a floor standing unit or as a table top machine it’s versatile and suitable for a wide range of locations.

Borg & Overstrom B5

Unique in the water cooler market place the Borg & Overstrom Unite is a superbly stylish and socially designed water cooler. Distinctive fountain tap with an LED lit dispense area. You’ll find few more stylish and superbly useable water coolers. Point-of-use supply and standing at 1.3m tall it’s the perfect height for dispensing. Creates a great focal point and an ideal place for people to socialise around. Featuring integrated.

Waterlogic 3 Firewall™

Manufactured to combine stylish design with a superior UV purification, Firewall™ guarantees 99.9999% pure water, 100% of the time. Simple to use but taking purification to the next level the Waterlogic 3 Firewall™ plumbed dispenser has 3 core technologies which mean that what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in. 1. The filtration technology is really good at taking the bad stuff out and leaving the good stuff in. This stage removes chlorine and other water-borne tastes and odors. 2. Next the Firewall UV purification will wipe out impurities, cleansing the water to 99.9999%. As an added layer of protection, the UV light keeps the dispensing nozzle from becoming contaminated. 3. Its not only the inside that benefits from purification technology it’s the outside too. As another layer of defence, BioCote® keeps the dispensing area free from bacteria too.

AA First AA4400X

Great looking black and chrome effect water cooler with bottle fed or POU (Point Of Use) options with hot and cold water options and a reputation for reliability strength and performance. Push and hold solenoid taps replaces the conventional manual taps seen on many other water coolers in the market. Why not look at personalising the machine with a company logo in the illuminated front panel. A modern touch to go with the stylish design. Easily maintained, simple to use and easily cleaned the AA4400X is a truly versatile machine for many locations.

AA Delta 4

A simple yet stylish gleaming white water cooler. Available in both table top and floor standing guises with the options of POU (Point-Of-Use) or bottle fed solutions. With the options of ambient or cold selection choices via the simple push button at the top of the machines. A clean, stylish looking machine and suitable for a wide range of locations. With the versatility of having either table top or floor standing options and perfect for locations where there isn’t the availability of plumbed water.

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