Technical Support

Our specialist vending technicians take part in extensive training on all the machines we supply and provide support for. Both in-house and external training with manufacturers to AVA (Automatic Vending Association) standards ensures that rarely is there ever anything that we can’t handle quickly and efficiently.

Out on the road we’re providing regular maintenance and support to existing clients’ machines as well as ad-hoc services for new or potential clients, we’re happy to assist where we can. Our swift response times sets Care Vending apart from many local and national operators.

‘91% of all service calls are resolved within just 2 hours’

With AM for PM and PM for AM technical response on any call that comes through, 91% of all service calls are resolved within just 2 hours, ensuring that a client’s beverage or snack machine is never at fault or out of service for long.

If you’re not an existing customer and need ad-hoc technical services for your vending machines please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to try and help.

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