Table Top Machines

Perfect for locations where space is a premium or the emphasis is on the highest quality coffee possible. The latest in stylish table top vending machines featuring modern technology and with great beverage quality. Great tasting bean to cup coffee, instant coffee, fresh brew tea and more drinks besides. Reliable and low maintenance solutions for wherever your location is, be it an office, breakout area, café, sandwich shop.

Coffetek Vitro S series (S2/S3/S4)

Designed specifically for hotel, restaurant, catering and office applications, the Vitro self-service desktop vending machine offers the robust performance required for consistent operation in these demanding environments along with stylish modern looks. The Vitro is a compact tabletop coffee machine delivering a complete range of high quality, continental-style coffee and tea drinks that meet all the needs of today’s discerning customers. All beverages are simply selected via an ultra-modern touch sensitive menu selection method and dispensed to your choice of cup below. Great quality every vend with the choice of bean to cup coffee, instant coffee, freshbrew tea and hot chocolate combinations.

Coffetek Vitro X Series (X3/X4 Espresso/Duo)

The Vitro X range delivers not only an authentic espresso coffee, but also the possibility of improving the menu with the addition of freshly brewed leaf tea based drinks. All in all, it’s a complete coffee shop menu, which is sure to embellish your customers’ refreshment experience. The latest technology for making high-quality espresso based drinks. The high pressure brewing system and twin coffee pouring spout ensure that the highest standards are achieved in the Vitro X series. The Vitro X3 and X4 Duo machines include a leaf tea brewing system which deliver exceptional freshly brewed tea. Moreover, the Vitro range offers an individual hot water spout for tea or special infusions.

Franke Foam Master

The newest coffee vending machine in the Franke range. Offering a premium class amongst coffee machines the FoamMaster™ it has the looks and offers superb coffee selections with the ultimate in fresh milk mixing and dispensing. Superbly stylish, this premium coffee machine features a large touch sensitive display screen with a wide range of clearly displayed and enticing beverage choices. Perfect for clients or customers choosing their own beverages. The FoamMaster™ system offers ‘barista’ quality foamed milk at the touch of a button. Differing consistencies, temperatures and much more is possible ensuring that every beverage is the perfect product each time. If it wasn’t enough that you’d get a great beverage but there is a virtually limitless number of variations possible to tailor that beverage. Adding on the optional ‘Flavour Station’ allows for additional dimensions to your coffee or milk choices with a range of syrup’s that can be infused in to your drink choice.

Carimali CVS5

Fresh bean to cup coffee with fresh milk from a stylish, compact and simple to use machine, perfect for busy locations. Featuring a new advanced user interface with TFT graphic display and lit selection buttons to maximise the beverage offering. Large volume drinks demand is no problem with 200 cappuccino style drinks per hour or 240 espressos. 8 simple push button selections with a clear central display screen that can be customised to display digital marketing materials and can even be complimented with sound via the internal loud speaker. The prefect promotional tool and great coffee all in one simple to configure and use package.

Rhea Cino Grande XS

Italian design and build, this superbly stylish table top coffee machine is a superb choice. Available with bean to cup options and instant coffee the Cino Grande XS is a popular choice with offices and for locations where the machine is on show. Clearly laid out with simple button selection for the 10 beverage options. LED backlighting to the front illuminates the stylish deco inspired design. It’s not all style with no substance, this machine offers one of the best coffee’s in the market place. Drink selections include espresso, cappuccino and many more of the continental favourites. Simple in construction the machine is easily maintained and cleaned and ideal for locations with or without direct plumbing. Available with a base cabinet featuring manually dispensed cups and more than adequate storage. Also available with a coin mechanism, ideal for providing coffeeshop style beverages in your location.

Rhea Cino eC

Stylish looking table top coffee vending machine. Great bean to cup coffee or instant coffee brewed to the highest quality. Ideal for virtually any location including offices, small restaurants, reception areas and more. Select from a plumbed in version or utilise the in-built water tank meaning this machine can work from virtually anywhere. Attractive design and intuitive LED lit 8 button menu feature means that selecting a drink is simple. Beautifully designed both inside and out, maintenance and cleaning is simple. With a range of options including the bean to cup and instant coffee choices, multimedia touch screen and this also be used in conjunction with an approved coin acceptor payment kit.

Carimali CVS4

Compact and stylish featuring a new advanced user interface with graphic display and lit selection buttons to maximise the beverage offering. Available in two versions, Easy and LM with LM featuring a fresh milk option, steam boiler. A great machine for a busy office or small canteen area with up to 150 espresso drinks or 120 cappuccino style drinks per hour. ‘Easy’ features bean to cup coffee as well as an instant selection, the LM additionally features fresh milk and steam boiler. 8 simple push button selections with a clear central display screen that can be customised to display digital marketing materials and can even be complimented with sound via the internal loud speaker. The prefect promotional tool and great coffee all in one simple to configure and use package.

Coffetek Zen

One of the most compact high quality table top vending machines in the market place. Finished in gloss ebony with touch sensitive selection menu, bean to cup option and built in cup drop unit, this machine will suit your location perfectly. At just 480mm x 590mm it’s a machine suitable for almost any location. Either the option of just the tabletop unit itself or with the floor standing storage cabinet it could be a smart addition to your location. With the option of either bean to cup and freshbrew tea options along with instant coffee and hot chocolate alternatives. Intuitive design with the patented In-Touch selection process from the 12 LED backlit selection buttons. It couldn’t be simpler and it needn’t cost the earth either an A+ energy rating.

So-Pure Espresso

The latest model from So-Pure. So-Pure have a commitment to beautiful design and superior craftsmanship. High quality bean to cup coffee from a stylish, glass fronted machine with stainless steel detailing, clear displays and option to personalise. The So-Pure Espresso features a clear bean hopper with a neat slim design perfect for virtually any location. 10 high quality ground, bean to cup beverage selections are available with a large illuminated beverage and machine status display. The panel at the top of the front of the machine can be personalised to suit your business or location.

Westomatic Primo Maxi

Westomatic Primo serves coffee, at any time. Coffee aficionados, connoisseurs, late workers and early birds rely on these dependable machines. Easy to use with an optimum service life. For more than 60 years, Primo has been the number one specialist in state-of-the-art coffee-making systems and machines for professional use. At home and abroad. So, coffee anyone? The Primo Maxi from Westomatic represents the optimum in terms of simplicity and user-friendliness. A wide range of coffee specialities are served at the click of a button: espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, latte macchiato.... The Primo Maxi serves various instant products, such as hot milk and hot chocolate, just as easily. The Primo Maxi is made from high quality materials. The grinder is Swiss made, the espresso system Italian, of course. The state-of-the-art rotary vane pump produces a perfect layer of creme. Together, they guarantee coffee tailored to your taste.

Westomatic Primo Midi

The Primo Midi is a compact, high speed instant machines with multiple drink options and adjustable strengths are the perfect hot beverage machines for hotels, showrooms and office locations. Durable, stainless steel design and high quality components compliment the high quality of the drinks. If you want a convenient frothy coffee or intense espresso - then the Primo Midi could be perfect for you. The Primo Instant uses the latest compact technology to deliver 7 or 12 tasty choices easily selected from the user friendly menu. Also featuring energy saving modes the Primo instant needn't cost the earth with minimal power consumption when on standby. Primo Midi contains four canisters for chocolate, milk, coffee and Sugar with 12 tasty drink choices thats sure to keep even the fussiest tastes being catered for quickly and efficiently.

Bravilor Esprecious

The Esprecious is a comprehensive yet compact espresso machine of an excellent class with a conveniently arranged touch screen. You can simply set the desired variety and strength Besides, because of its beautiful looks with the adjustable LED-lights around the display, the Esprecious fits in with any interior and with any house style. Discover the barista in you! Make a perfect espresso or choose from one of the other coffee specialities. With the Esprecious you can prepare hot drinks of an exceptional class in a professional way based on freshly ground beans. Espresso like only the barista can make. A powerful performance is demanded from an espresso machine during the preparation. Therefore, only the best, strongest and most durable materials are used for the Esprecious.

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