Vending Machines

Let Care Vending take you through the wide range of modern, efficient and easy to use vending solutions.

Whatever your location or need there is a vending machine solution for your requirements, fitting your available budget or even free on loan. With the latest vending machine technology available to us we can offer a great range of hot drink, snack, food and cold drink solutions to you.

Cold Drinks Vending


Can or bottle vending machines offer a great solution for providing a wide range of great tasting, thirst quenching drinks. Hydration is, after all, essential for a healthy body and a sharp, alert mind so being able to provide favourite known brands and sugar-free options in a range of modern and attractively designed vending machines could be the perfect solution.

Snack Vending


Snack vending machines provide the user with a selection of tasty snacks and now include a range of healthier items, low fat, low sugar, low salt, nut-free etc. and a full range of school friendly items.   The machines can also offer cold drinks.

Hot Drinks Vending


We have a range of modern, easy to use and very reliable leaf tea and coffee vending machines to cater for all site locations. There’s a great range of free standing and table top hot drink vending machines available offering a variety of quality fresh brew teas, instant coffee, bean to cup coffee, indulgent hot chocolates, instant drinks and hot water to use with tea bags.

Food Vending


It’s the perfect vending solution for sites wanting to offer sandwiches/rolls/chilled meals etc

If your need is to offer food outside of catering hours or even as a replacement for your conventional catering requirements a carousel food vending machine is the ideal solution for you.

Zip Taps

ziptapsGet boiling, chilled and even sparkling filtered water instantly straight from a tap! 

Cleverly and stylishly designed, these taps allow you to make hot drinks straight from the tap, saving time and money on boiling a kettle or alternatively get great tasting chilled still filtered water. The best of both worlds! Simple to use and taking up little space whilst using less energy, it’s perfect solution for many offices, homes or well many different locations.

Coffee Stations


Want a ‘Costa Coffee Station’ experience but don’t want the high costs ? At a fraction of the price we can offer you a great looking coffee station branded in your own colours or with Lavazza, Kenco etc. branding. Our coffee stations are designed to fit your footprint and with space for storage and a waste area and you can chose from a range of coffee machines.

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