Healthy Vending

vitality_product_logoWe have a wide range of healthy options for snacks and drinks available to us through our diverse purchasing network. Many of which have already been implemented in our standard vending offering.

Vitality Vending offers something a little more bespoke. Products sourced from natural ingredients, low calorie options. All the taste but less of the sins! Having a snack can be an important part of a daily routine, maintaining energy levels, hydration maybe but also as a treat. The best of both worlds!

geobars-smallerEach location requires a different solution and we can tailor the products in your Vitality Vending machine to your consumers requirements. We work with a wide range of clients in a variety of locations, many with specific requirements for their vending needs.

For example we have developed a range of products that can meet the tight criteria required for vending in schools as well as being an authorised supplier to the NHS and hospitals.

If we find a group of products isn’t working for your consumers we can simply try an alternative. There maybe one
product more popular than anything else. There’s nothing worse than an empty vending machine, so we’ll keep a constant watch on what’s selling through and what’s not. Offering your consumers and wide and newly replenished choice.

If you would like to see an example product planogram displaying a range of healthy option snacks and drinks we would be happy to pop in to see you with one.

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