Caring is in our name so you can imagine the environment features strongly in our thoughts.

We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and any environmental impact. We reduce vehicle emissions by optimising route planning, we support farmers by using Fair Trade, Rain Forrest Alliance and Utz fairly traded products. We offer electricity saving devices to customers and increase our levels of recycling. We are proud to have been awarded a Gold Star for recycling as part of the National Recycling Stars program.

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Vending Machines

New vending machines often use a high percentage of recycled materials, highly efficient electronic programming and LED lighting to conserve energy. Many machines have a long lifetime in the marketplace and there is strong demand for not only new machines but also refurbished units. All of our vending machines receive the highest levels of maintenance, ensuring parts longevity and reducing future call-outs and unnecessary maintenance.


We maintain a modern fleet of vehicles and utilise tracking and route optimisation software to ensure that our vehicles are spending as little time on the roads as possible, limiting the amount of fuel used and CO2 emissions.

Energy Saving

New vending machines have economy modes automatically built in to them ensuring that they only heat water, or chill their fridges during working hours and not periods of low activity or over-night. This goes some way to reducing the impact on the environment and saves on your electricity bill too. For vending machines that don’t have this feature there is the Vendsense unit.


Following our Silver Award for we’re proud to announce that we’ve advanced to the next level and won a Gold recycling award. Recycling, maintaining and supporting the environment whilst providing an outstanding service to our customers is extremely important to us.

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