Cold Drinks Machines

Can or bottle vending machines offer a great solution for providing a wide range of great tasting, thirst quenching drinks. Hydration is, after all, essential for a healthy body and a sharp, alert mind so being able to provide favourite known brands in a range of modern and attractively designed vending machines could be the perfect solution.

Whatever the location you have a need for, be it a school, hospital, office or factory there’s a modern and simple to use vending solution. With a range of machines from smaller capacities carrying both bottles and cans or high capacity branded machines we can provide the solution you need.

CRANE Bev Max 4

Take a look at the great BevMax 4 can and bottle vending machine. Stylish machine with intuitive selection process making getting a refreshing can or bottle as easy as possible. Available as a 35 or 45 selection model the BevMax is a great vending solution for a wide range of locations. Quick, efficient and reliable the BevMax offers market leading speed in vending products making it perfect for busy areas. With a maximum of 405 products available from the largest of the machines it’s a solution that’s not going to run out quickly. The innovative product picker transports the product from the shelf to the access hatch with little or no agitation meaning even the fizziest of drinks will per perfect to drink right from the machine. Large double glazed ‘shop’ window provides a clear view of the products. Illuminated by LED’s the machine looks attractive but without costing the earth. A+ energy rating and engineered to use as little energy as possible it’s a great can and bottle vending solution.

N&W Sinfonia

Sleek, stylish and efficient, the N&W Sinfonia is a great solution for vending canned or bottled drinks quickly. With a 6 products per row or 9 products per row version it’s a great machine even for the busiest of locations. Automatic dispensing is in less than 8 seconds making it not only super quick but also supper efficient being A++ energy rated. Large robust glass viewing area is energy efficiently illuminated by LEDs, making it easy to select from the 30 – 45 products with a total capacity of 252 – 405 products (dependent on version). Perfect for either cans or bottles, they’re all simply and swiftly delivered automatically via the lift system, rather than just dropping to the bottom of the machine. Your selection takes less than 8 seconds to be delivered after choosing via the simple numerical key pad.

Coca Cola

For sites with medium to high volumes a Coke can vending machine may be perfect for you. What’s better is that you may be able to secure a Coca-Cola can vending machine from our Free-on-Loan range. We’ve seen them at many locations alongside conventional hot drink vending machines or on their own. The Coke can vendors make an impact and is one of the best selling drinks in the UK market place. Reliable, robust and perfect for many locations. There’s a range of vending machine models available and potentially there is something ideal for your site. Contact us for further details.

Coffetek Palma B

The Palma B from Coffetek closed fronted can and bottle vending machine comes in a variety of widths to suit all locations and volume requirements. Can be matched perfectly to the Neo and Mistral vending machines from coffetek to complete a bank of machines. Perfect as a stand alone can or bottle vending machine the benefits are its simplicity and of course totally unbranded suiting many locations where branding may be inappropriate and indeed where the machine needs to blend with the décor of its location. It could be that you need to personalise the machine and this is also possible. Reliable and intuitively designed meaning users get a great beverage every time they use the machine.

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